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Baltimore Gas and Electric Electricity Company

baltimore gas and electricity companyThe statement “We’re on it.” definably declares Baltimore Gas and Electric, or BGE’s, goal and commitment to its customers of central Maryland.  Serving in central Maryland for close to 200 years now, BGE has stated its mission is to provide safe, economical, reliable, and profitable energy utilities to its 1.2 million customers. BGE services are located in a 2,300 square mile area of central Maryland which includes the 9 counties listed below:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Calvert County
  • Carroll County
  • Harford County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George County

BGE, like most electricity providers, carries a large number of residential customers with 1.1 million residential customers but also carries a substantial number of commercial customers at 122,100.

BGE’s history shows that BGE’s declaration of “We’re on it.” has been true for almost 200 years.  BGE can trace its roots back as the first ever “utility” company in the world. Founded in 1816, BGE has continuously followed the line of innovation throughout the decades. In 1999 BGE made the most recent changes as it became part of Constellation Energy Group. This change will allow BGE to compete  with other electricity suppliers nationwide.  One of the first steps towards this brighter future took place right away in 2000 as BGE went from producing and delivering electricity to just delivering electricity. No longer working with the power plants, Constellation Energy Group transferred the plants to other affiliates.

While providing service in an economically diverse area in central Maryland, BGE looks to accommodate customers from all walks of life. On their website you can see many customer friendly articles and services including tips to save energy and cost, a library of material that explains BGE services better, and a fund you can donate to that helps those who don’t have electricity. Customer service and bill pay options are made available online.

We do not currently work with BG&E but you can still compare their rates with multiple providers. Your business can compare several commercial and industrial electricity companies against BG&E’s electric rates to see who may have the best rate. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-971-4020 and see if our reverse auction process can achieve a cheaper electricity rate then what BG&E may have quoted your business.

PA Energy Rates

This site offers a detailed apples to apples comparison of energy companies and rates in PA.

Finding the right energy consulting company to lead you down a path that is transparent and offers a clear proposal on the best electricity company in PA is available by using our comparison tool.

Our energy consultants go over Pennsylvania electricity rates each day and update our compare chart to assist in giving an accurate comparison of prices from several energy suppliers.

Our energy consultants also offer real hands on help by being very accessible and easy to reach on the phone. You may call them any time during regular business hours at 1-800-971-4020.

We do not just assist residential electricity service customers in Pennsylvania but we offer a reverse auction to both commercial and industrial businesses.

Our energy consultants act as an arm of your Pennsylvania company and not as a shill rep for one or two electricity providers.

At Energy Electricity our approach is as a customer advocate going to work for you, our fee is paid by the PA electricity supplier that wins the bid, and the rate you end up with is the cheapest one received.

Sometimes a slightly higher electric rate in the proposal is chosen by one of our customers because there were lower deposit requirements with an energy company or maybe no deposit at all.

At other times we have had Pennsylvania businesses go with a slightly higher electric rate in our proposal because we were able to get much better terms of service in the contract in regards to how they used their electricity.

We can explain to you the trade off between price and terms of service in an energy contract although most customers will only need to look at price.

Please call us to learn more or use our comparison chart above: 1-800-971-4020

Houston Energy and Electricity Companies

Houston Texas Energy CompaniesIn Houston TX you can choose from over 3 retail electricity suppliers that are competing to win your residential and commercial electricity usage account.

A common issue is that almost all of these Houston energy companies will ask you for some type of deposit.

Commercial businesses get hit the hardest as an energy provider may want as much as 3 months of estimated electricity payments up front as a deposit.

Considering that restaurants in Houston TX have a 50% failure rate in their first year it is no wonder why a Houston electricity company may want 3 months payments up front.

Considering that you don’t have to pay for your electricity service until you have used 30 days worth the provider must be able to recoup payment if a business like a restaurant decides to shutdown.

The restaurant will still get any deposit money that was not used to cover their final electricity bill but it could take 45 days.

Residential customers in Houston Texas also are many times asked fro a deposit but instead of having to come up with several thousand dollars as a deposit they usually must provide $400 as a deposit.

Residential electricity service deposit can be as high as $800 but $400 is a more typical amount and if your credit is ok you may be able to get away with only paying $200.

Good credit is usually a credit score beating 700 and in this case many electricity companies in Houston may pass you on credit with no deposit required.

You can compare Houston electricity rates by using our compare chart at the top right. You may also attempt to sign up online and at that time will be notified if the electric provider in Houston is asking you for a deposit amount.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-971-4020

Texas Energy and Electricity Prices

Texas electricity ratesIn Texas we currently have the advantage of lower electricity prices than in other locations in the US.

The reason our energy prices for heating our home and for air conditioning are so low right now has to do with our reliance upon natural gas to produce our electricity.

There are many natural gas power generation facilities throughout our state and even more natural gas producing wells in our state as well.

Gas is stored in salt domes and natural gas storage tanks in different areas of the state of Texas and when we have peak demand period during the day these salt domes are emptied and the gas is used to produce the needed electricity during peak times.

On a really hot summer day wind power from wind turbines just will not be able to produce enough electricity to meet the amount of demand needed to run all the AC units in peoples homes.

Texas has an immediate answer to peak demand days like when a Texas summer gets to 115 degrees and that is using natural gas power plants to create the electricity we need to keep ourselves cooled off.

Natural gas prices are very low right now and because of this we can heat our homes for cheap right now during the winter. In the summer when natural gas prices are low we can use electricity to cool our homes and still receive a low cost electricity bill.

Unfortunately we do not have enough storage locations to store excess natural gas for Texas and so we pipe it into other states and sell this cheap power to our neighbors.

Because Texas has so much natural gas we benefit from nice low prices for electricity power but occasionally experience high price spikes.

When averaging prices over the period of a year even though we may experience price spikes the annual average rate Texas residential and commercial energy consumers pay is much less than in several other states.

Dallas Texas electricity rates as well as eco friendly good sense and nonsense

Houston TX PollutionDallas Texas as well as Houston have recently been blasted because of pollution to the environment. The main culprit for this pollution is in regards to our raw energy refineries and resources.

You see Texas produces most of the US energy and petroleum raw resources that allow car drivers throughout the US to drive around in their Eco friendly locations.

Places like Madison Wisconsin and Boulder Colorado have young students and professors that sit around their daily coffee table at their local coffee/art gallery/music venue and complain about those dumb Christian Texans that pollute the environment.

These same young pot heads then throw away their biodegradable coffee cup in the trash and step into their gasoline powered vehicle never thinking that in Texas we assist in producing the energy resources necessary for them to drive to and fro as they meet their daily social demands.

This type of behavior my friends is Eco nonsense. On the other side of the coin there is nothing wrong with doing your part to save the environment and make Texas a cleaner place.

I will not pay $40,000 – $50,000 for a Chevy Volt because the investment would never pay for itself and the mileage per gallon isn’t that good. I would pay for a small sedan that uses regular old gasoline but gets 60 miles to the gallon. In fact a gasoline powered car has a 1 to 1 ratio instead of electric power which must burn fuel, power turbines, send that power over a power line, lose some power from line losses and congestion, and then power my car.

You see gasoline powered cars offers eco-friendliness while electric powered cars with a  $10,000 battery that will deplete itself over time offers eco-nonsense.

In the same way electricity rates offer green energy choices that use such things as wind power, hydro, and bio-mass in the creation of the electricity. I am all for choosing a renewable energy plan to power my Dallas Texas house as this makes sense.

By choosing renewable energy power you are making the planet a little cleaner. On the other hand there is this thing called Global Warming and Climate Change and with this are new electricity rate plans that offer carbon neutral rates.

Because Climate Change is simply a normal part of seasonal changes and not something created by humans as many suggest when you purchase a carbon neutral electricity rate you are really contributing your money to a hidden government created tax.

This carbon tax is not necessarily going to clean up the environment in such a way to produce less tornadoes, milder summers, and milder winters. The carbon offsets, and carbon neutral products and services that are out there will never be able to show direct evidence of making the climate less effected by human CO2 emissions because the evidence continuous to be shown to be highly suspect and dis-proven.

The carbon tax you contribute to when ordering a carbon neutral electricity rate plan in Dallas TX is going to a political slush fund that will eventually be used for special interests and other politically motivated things not tied to the environment.

In summary don’t fall for eco-nonsense but at the same time there is nothing wrong with doing your part to make the earth a cleaner planet. Fill free to compare Dallas Texas electricity rates using the compare chart at the top right.

You may also call us at 1-800-971-4020