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Dallas Electric Consumer Top Concern

Dallas electricityIf your a Dallas electric consumer your main concern when shopping for electricity is to compare the right type of electricity rate plan.

You most definitely do not want to go with a short term variable electricity plan if price assurance is a concern for you.

Dallas electricity companies are notorious for using the variable plan as a way to hook you in only to raise that price down the road.

The exact problem is trying to compare rate plans from multiple providers in an apples to apples comparison that averages in all fees.

The solution to these marketing gimmicks is to use an energy consulting company like ours that averages in all fees and charges in the prices you see in our comparison.

The fixed plans are listed by default which makes it a cinch to begin comparing legit offers right away.

If you only need a short term type of thing with no commitment than a month to month variable rate plan makes more sense.

For most of us in Dallas a 1 or 2 year fixed electricity rate offer is the best way to go to get the price predictability throughout the year while avoiding continuous shopping rates.

The difficulty in going out on your own and comparing electricity offers in Dallas is that providers like to fashion clever marketing campaigns that make your rate look super cheap while hiding costs elsewhere.

The time to sort through some of these gimmicks can be demanding while a energy consulting site like this one has already done the research for you.

Our electric compare chart averages in any potential hidden fee and gives you the ability to order online in just a minute or two.

Once you place your order for electricity service a confirmation email is sent. If your credit check comes back declined, you may have to pay a deposit but this can be handled by calling the number in the email.

A point of consideration concerning deposits is this, once one provider asks you for a deposit they all will.

If you want to avoid any and all deposits after being declined consider a prepaid Dallas electricity company.

Our prepaid no deposit tab can assist you in getting a cheap rate with no deposit required. You simply prepay for your first month and a smart meter keeps track of what money is applied to the electricity usage you consume.

Our value in the comparison we offer is significant as we do all the research for you and follow up with a guarantee. If you ever have a problem with your local electricity company we are there to assist.

Just call us with any issue you face and we will get on the phone with your electric company you have chosen from this chart and rectify the problem.

If for some reason your electric company is not fulfilling their end of the deal we will help you escalate the problem to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

As your Dallas energy consultant we are your electric service advocate and will always work on your behalf through the research, holding the electric company accountable, and the complaint process if necessary.

We rarely have issues that warrant action that requires even a phone call to a provider but it is good to know that we strongly urge you to call with any and every problem.

It is our commitment to go above and beyond that allows us to brag of thousands of electric service customers who have chosen to use us to find their electric company.

Begin now by signing up for a free tool that allows you to compare prices and providers on the top right of this site.

Houston Electricity Companies

Houston Electric CompaniesThere are quite a few Houston electricity companies and a lot of this has to do with the size of the city and the fact that Houston is the energy hub of the state of Texas. When a new electricity comes in to Texas to sell electricity they do most of their business activities from Houston.

There are hedging desks located here as well as energy attorneys and multiple electricity consulting companies that specialize in the wholesale transactions that retail electricity companies use to create their electricity rates.

Not all Houston electricity companies initially setup their company using best practices in regards to marketing, hedging, risk management, and the way they execute their business.

Retail electricity markets are truly a small niche of the wider spectrum of energy businesses but they receive a lot of attention because consumers like you and me interact with them to get lights turned on in our homes and businesses.

It is important to choose a good energy supplier among the many Houston electricity companies you have to choose from.

We offer a good list of Houston electricity providers we have vetted through our energy consulting expertise that we feel confident in recommending to our customers.

Some Houston energy companies attempt to market in such a way as to deceive their customers into what may appear to be a competitive electricity price but is really meant to hook them in only to raise the price later.

We work from the perspective of the consumer as your energy advocate. The apples to apples Houston electricity companies comparison chart we use averages in all fees and charges and presents a clear picture of exactly which Houston energy provider has the best rate.

Our chart contains a variable tab although we recommend comparing and choosing a fixed rate offer as prices are subject to change after the first month on a variable rate.

Our fixed Houston electricity rate offers give you price predictability and will keep your decision on the Houston electric utility supplier you decided to go with firm in your mind as the right choice to have made.

Our guarantee is this, after choosing and ordering a Houston electric rate online using our site if you ever have a problem with your provider we will work to rectify that issue. If your electric company refuses to work it out we will assist in helping you file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas until all issues are resolved.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 1-800-971-4020

Where are the hidden fees in my electric rate and for that matter where’s the Birth Certificate?

Obama Birth CertificateOne of the first things I ask myself when looking at any offer I am being presented whether it be for Internet service, construction remodels on my house, or electric service is what additional or hidden fees are there? Recently a book has come out on called, “Where’s The Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.”  by Corsi Jerome

The findings in the book about Obama are considered utterly devastating and were investigated by some of the nations top investigators. Fortunately when trying to find hidden things in an energy contract it only takes a few questions to get down to the bottom of things.

When you make an open records request for Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii you get turned down cold but when asking an electric company about their charges they usually come clean provided you ask the right questions. Here are a few questions I recommend asking your potential electricity company.

  1. Is the advertised rate averaging in all fees and charges including generation,  transmission and distribution charges, and ancillary charges?
  2. If the rate does not average in all fees could I have a rate where all fees are averaged in?
  3. If you cannot average in all fees what additional fees will there be on my bill so I can average them into your advertised electric rate?

By having these questions answered you can more easily compare your electric rate you are considering with other advertised electric rates on a comparison chart like ours.

Our residential electricity comparison chart averages in all fees and charges to present an easy way to compare multiple energy providers.

If for some reason the electricity company refuses to disclose hidden fees and charges that are a part of their electricity rate you can complain to the Public Utility Commission.

Unlike when complaining to the Attorney General in Hawaii that they have refused your open records or freedom of information act request for Obama’s Birth Certificate the PUC responds immediately.

If your electricity supplier is unresponsive to your complaint the PUC will investigate your issue and follow up with the electric company and you until the issue has been resolved.

Hopefully one day the government will release the official long form Birth Certificate of Obama and put all these questions to rest but until then you can expect better results from the PUC in responding to your energy provider complaints.

Commerce Energy MD

Commerce Energy Inc. utilizes the 100, combined, years of experience accumulated by its team of energy marketers in order to accomplish its commitment to help its customers manage their energy costs through the company’s aggressive pricing strategies and marketing programs. As a subsidiary of the Just Energy Group, Commerce Energy Inc. has the backing of an ownership that serves 1.6 million residents and commercial businesses in electricity throughout the United States and Canada.

 Commerce Energy Inc.  on its own serves 600,000 at an estimated price of $0.0995 rate per kWh. Commerce Energy Inc.  rates will continue be sent on the same electrical bill sent by the local distribution company.  As a part of the Just Energy Group, Commerce Energy Inc.  has the backing of the largest producer of competitive green energy. Through its green energy options, customers of Commerce Energy Inc.  can offset up to 100% of the negative results of their daily energy consumption as well as support local projects that utilize renewable energy.

Clean Currents Energy in Maryland

Clean Currents Green Energy Solutions stands alone as the Maryland regions lead independent “green energy” retail electrical provider company. Established in 2005 Clean Currents provides wind powered electricity to 7,000 residential customers and 500 commercial customers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Although Clean Currents wind powered electricity is an alternative form of electricity provision, no additional equipment is required as the electricity comes through the already established grid.

Rates range from 9.6 to 10.3 cents per kWh. The prices are based on wind percentage use: 9.6 cents for 50% wind power and 10.3 cents for 100% wind power. (Prices can vary from in different counties)

Clean Currents has , also, partnered with Solar City to proudly offer solar power as another alternative for electrical provision.