Castle Bridge Energy Group in Maryland

With Castle Bridge Energy Group, what you see is what you get. Castle Bridge is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Castle Bridge Energy Group makes the statement that they are dedicated to getting every home and/or business owner an unparalleled energy company that is passionate about helping you to save money.

Castle Bridge Energy Group is in arrangement/conjunction with BTU Energy and operates within the BGE service territory. In fact, any customers of Castle Bridge Energy will receive the same BGE service bill as they might have before deregulation took place in Maryland, with an imbedded Castle Bridge Energy fee as part of the bill.

Castle Bridge Energy offers a fixed price both for a 1 year or 2 year commitment. Castle Bridge Energy works to make sure their rates are competitive. With Castle Bridge Energy there are no cancellation fees.

Ambit Energy Maryland

Ambit Energy boasts as being the fastest growing private company in the United States for 2010 as according to Inc. magazine.  Established in 2006 as a response to the deregulation of energy throughout the United States, Ambit is a model of “today’s” utility retail supplier.  Starting out in an open spaced warehouse with $19 folding tables as desks (which are still used by every employee from the CEO down) Ambit is a “new school” energy retailer with the “old school” vision statement “To be the finest, most respected retail energy provider in America.”

Ambit has set a standard to offer the lowest rate beginning with a guaranteed 7% less than the incumbent utility company’s price the first two months and continues as it promises a 1% savings from the incumbent’s price after a year. If the customer does not save 1% compared to the incumbents rate then a refund is offered to much the difference. Ambit also provides many innovative incentives for its customer base. Ambit’s “Reward Program” offers three types of incentives to its customers:

  • A welcome gift of 3 nights/2 day stay at a 3 star hotel in 25 different destinations
  • A customer reference reward can be given if a customer holds at least 15 other referred customers with the reward being a credit equal to the average amount of their monthly payments. This offers the opportunity for free energy each month.
  • A travel reward system is also available to Ambit customers. For every kWh used by a customer, 1 vacation reward point is given which can be redeemed for an assortment of vacation packages starting at 2,000 points. Also, if a customer refers 5 new customers, a reward of any of their 45,000 point vacation packages is offered. 

Ambit offers Green plans to all interested customers that are Green-e certified and uses 100% renewable energy as well as follows the stringent standards of the non-profit Center for Energy Resolutions. 

Other recognizable traits of Ambit includes its continued pursuit of expansion as it offers work opportunities for marketing consultants and its outsourcing of customer service to BlueNet customer care centers which handle all aspects of the customer life cycle.

Erie PA electric provider with no deposit

Erie PA no credit check electric companyThe core desire for many when relocating into a new house is to have emergency money available to simply exist on for a few months.

Once you get settled into a new job in Erie PA and have lights on you can think about things like taking time to find just the right energy supplier, just the right restaurant to eat at and so on.

A large deposit is one of the biggest overwhelming problems when choosing an Erie PA electricity company.

The question posed to PA electricity companies is why do you ask for such large deposit in the $300 – $500 range?

The answer is that over 50% of people will default on at least one monthly electric bill while with a PA electric company within a certain credit score.

You may be one of the good energy customers but you have that unlucky credit score number.

The alternative is to choose a prepaid electricity supplier in Erie PA.

A prepaid company will not ask for a deposit but will deduct money from a prepay card in advance.

As you use electricity the cost is deducted from the card. The prepay option is not ideal but it will allow you to waive an electricity deposit.

If you want to compare some good Erie PA electricity companies please use our compare chart at the top right.


No Deposit Allentown PA Electric Company

No credit check Allentown PA electric companiesAllentown PA is a deregulated electricity service utility area. Not so uncommon among electricity switching is the deposit issue. When you move into a new place and when you get electric service hooked up in your name the utility always asks you for a deposit.

When deregulation comes to town some people no longer have to pay a deposit. Electricity deposits are reserved for those in Allentown PA who have bad credit or simply no credit. Yes you do get penalized no matter what kind of good citizen you are if you have not yet established your credit history.

It is not unheard of for bad credit customers to be asked for $500 as a deposit to get their Allentown PA lights turned on.

I understand that $500 is an absurd amount to pay but the thin margins and large volume electric utilities work from demands that they offer no exceptions to the rule as defaults from bad credit customers exceeds 50% at certain levels.

There are still some choices for getting those lights turned on in Allentown while avoiding a deposit.

If you use government assistance the state can sometimes assist in lowering or paying for your electricity deposit.

In Allentown PA you must show proof of quite a few things before the government will step in and help you and for many this is simply too much hassle.

Other no deposit electricity Allentown PA customers make a good living but live paycheck to paycheck because of all their bills.

If you do not receive government assistance but still cannot afford the deposit you may want to try out a no deposit Allentown electric company.

These PA electric companies offer prepaid electric service and other forms of payment options to waive any deposit that may be required.

You can check on these type of rate plans by comparing PA electric companies in your area using the zip code tool above.

Penelec formerly Pennsylvania Electric Company

PenelecGPU Energy is the holding company for three electric utilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. One of these electric utilities goes by the name Penelec which was formerly called the more traditional name of Pennsylvania Electric Company.

Among GPU Energy’s electric utilities are:

  • Penelec also known as Pennsylvania Electric Company


  • Jersey Central Power and Light


  • Met-Ed also known as Metropolitan Edison

Even though Penelec is just an electric utility, owning and charging for the poles and wires and the transmission costs associated with this distribution, you can still buy retail electricity service through Penelec if you choose not to compare other electricity companies with them.

Penelec does not show any rate plans or electricity rates on their site in any obvious of manner. When searching for their retail electricity rate I did see something called the “price to compare”.

The retail rate showing at the time this article was written is 7.685 cents per kWh as of 3-29-2011. This rate includes the pole and wires charges and should be the total all-in bundled price. Seeing the electric rate with all charges helps in the comparison process as there is no need to calculate the pole charges and add them to it.

Our comparison chart will show competing energy providers in PA that offer varying rate plans to compare with this “price to compare“.

You will still get a charge on your electric bill from Penelec if you are in their service territory but they offer little in the form of varying rate plans to choose from when shopping as a residential electric service customer.

If you get on their website you will see that Penelec does not offer electricity rate plans to choose from or anything similar as you will see if you get on a retail electricity providers page. They do offer a description of what PA electric choice means and what options are available but as far as selling you service directly they do not go out of their way to do this.

There is a division of their company that does sell retail electricity service called First Energy Solutions and is owned by their parent holding company GPU Energywhich is owned by FirstEnergy Corp.

Penelec is the company you would call if you have an electricity outage in your home or business. For an electric outage in this utility area please call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)

If you are moving into your home or business for the first time Penelec can connect you and have your service turned on by your electric rate is a default rate.

To shop and compare electricity rates in the Penelec electric utility area you must compare among multiple retail electric providers in PA.

You can begin switching from your default electric rate with Penelec and to a competitive energy supplier in PA by using the compare chart at the to right.