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Electric Suppliers ComparisonWe offer retail electricity and natural gas educational resources in multiple states in the US and assist both commercial and industrial businesses as well as residential energy customers in understanding how to buy cheap energy service.

The residential electricity shopping process is usually as easy finding one of the many comparison tools online. The key consideration is to make sure the rates and providers are not shaping you to a bad price for the customer.

Commercial and industrial electricity prices are more complex as rates are tailor priced based on such things as load factor, what time you use electricity, and if you need advanced pricing such as heat rate or natural gas locked in.

Energy consulting companies often use a reverse auction to allow electricity companies to bid on commercial business accounts. The prices that come in are bid down through this process allowing the cheapest price to be achieved.

Below are some of the popular deregulated states with a decent amount of competition:

New York
New Jersey

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  1. RESPOND POWER IS THE WORST. THEY LIE TO BUSINESS OWNERS TELLING THEM THAT THEY ARE FROM PECO. They even go and look at the meter to pretend so they make you believe they are from the utility company. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BILL!!!!!

    1. Wow! Sounds like they figured out the perfect formula for scamming those they sign up. They need to do a more thorough employee screening.

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