PA Energy Rates

This site offers a detailed apples to apples comparison of energy companies and rates in PA.

Finding the right energy consulting company to lead you down a path that is transparent and offers a clear proposal on the best electricity company in PA is available by using our comparison tool.

Our energy consultants go over Pennsylvania electricity rates each day and update our compare chart to assist in giving an accurate comparison of prices from several energy suppliers.

Our energy consultants also offer real hands on help by being very accessible and easy to reach on the phone. You may call them any time during regular business hours at 1-800-971-4020.

We do not just assist residential electricity service customers in Pennsylvania but we offer a reverse auction to both commercial and industrial businesses.

Our energy consultants act as an arm of your Pennsylvania company and not as a shill rep for one or two electricity providers.

At Energy Electricity our approach is as a customer advocate going to work for you, our fee is paid by the PA electricity supplier that wins the bid, and the rate you end up with is the cheapest one received.

Sometimes a slightly higher electric rate in the proposal is chosen by one of our customers because there were lower deposit requirements with an energy company or maybe no deposit at all.

At other times we have had Pennsylvania businesses go with a slightly higher electric rate in our proposal because we were able to get much better terms of service in the contract in regards to how they used their electricity.

We can explain to you the trade off between price and terms of service in an energy contract although most customers will only need to look at price.

Please call us to learn more or use our comparison chart above: 1-800-971-4020

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