Houston Energy and Electricity Companies

Houston Texas Energy CompaniesIn Houston TX you can choose from over 3 retail electricity suppliers that are competing to win your residential and commercial electricity usage account.

A common issue is that almost all of these Houston energy companies will ask you for some type of deposit.

Commercial businesses get hit the hardest as an energy provider may want as much as 3 months of estimated electricity payments up front as a deposit.

Considering that restaurants in Houston TX have a 50% failure rate in their first year it is no wonder why a Houston electricity company may want 3 months payments up front.

Considering that you don’t have to pay for your electricity service until you have used 30 days worth the provider must be able to recoup payment if a business like a restaurant decides to shutdown.

The restaurant will still get any deposit money that was not used to cover their final electricity bill but it could take 45 days.

Residential customers in Houston Texas also are many times asked fro a deposit but instead of having to come up with several thousand dollars as a deposit they usually must provide $400 as a deposit.

Residential electricity service deposit can be as high as $800 but $400 is a more typical amount and if your credit is ok you may be able to get away with only paying $200.

Good credit is usually a credit score beating 700 and in this case many electricity companies in Houston may pass you on credit with no deposit required.

You can compare Houston electricity rates by using our compare chart at the top right. You may also attempt to sign up online and at that time will be notified if the electric provider in Houston is asking you for a deposit amount.

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