No Deposit or PrePaid Electric Service in Houston

Many of us making the low-income salaries but yet needing to provide for a large family cannot always come up with a large deposit to get electric service turned on.

Unfortunately, life circumstances can cause a financially responsible family to find themselves in a low cash situation where the deposit money just is not there.

There are some electric providers that offer a prepaid electricity choice. These prepaid options work with the electricity smart meters that Centerpoint energy has installed on most of our houses in Houston.

The electric meter reading is known in real time and so the ability to average an accurate prepaid estimate allows a customer to pay upfront instead of after electricity is used.

You may pay more than you should but you will get that money back and it’s not like a deposit as that money is paying for your electricity and not hanging out in company coffers.

When averaging the electricity you may use in a given month it is always a guess so do not be surprised that there will be a little overage in what you prepay.

The prepaid option is the way those on a very tight budget can get the utilities on and still afford groceries.

This particular article is sponsored by an independent Ambit Energy consultant that operates in Houston Texas. You may click on their link to order electricity through their Ambit website.



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