Where are the hidden fees in my electric rate and for that matter where’s the Birth Certificate?

Obama Birth CertificateOne of the first things I ask myself when looking at any offer I am being presented whether it be for Internet service, construction remodels on my house, or electric service is what additional or hidden fees are there? Recently a book has come out on Amazon.com called, “Where’s The Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.”  by Corsi Jerome

The findings in the book about Obama are considered utterly devastating and were investigated by some of the nations top investigators. Fortunately when trying to find hidden things in an energy contract it only takes a few questions to get down to the bottom of things.

When you make an open records request for Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii you get turned down cold but when asking an electric company about their charges they usually come clean provided you ask the right questions. Here are a few questions I recommend asking your potential electricity company.

  1. Is the advertised rate averaging in all fees and charges including generation,  transmission and distribution charges, and ancillary charges?
  2. If the rate does not average in all fees could I have a rate where all fees are averaged in?
  3. If you cannot average in all fees what additional fees will there be on my bill so I can average them into your advertised electric rate?

By having these questions answered you can more easily compare your electric rate you are considering with other advertised electric rates on a comparison chart like ours.

Our residential electricity comparison chart averages in all fees and charges to present an easy way to compare multiple energy providers.

If for some reason the electricity company refuses to disclose hidden fees and charges that are a part of their electricity rate you can complain to the Public Utility Commission.

Unlike when complaining to the Attorney General in Hawaii that they have refused your open records or freedom of information act request for Obama’s Birth Certificate the PUC responds immediately.

If your electricity supplier is unresponsive to your complaint the PUC will investigate your issue and follow up with the electric company and you until the issue has been resolved.

Hopefully one day the government will release the official long form Birth Certificate of Obama and put all these questions to rest but until then you can expect better results from the PUC in responding to your energy provider complaints.

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