Commerce Energy MD

Commerce Energy Inc. utilizes the 100, combined, years of experience accumulated by its team of energy marketers in order to accomplish its commitment to help its customers manage their energy costs through the company’s aggressive pricing strategies and marketing programs. As a subsidiary of the Just Energy Group, Commerce Energy Inc. has the backing of an ownership that serves 1.6 million residents and commercial businesses in electricity throughout the United States and Canada.

 Commerce Energy Inc.  on its own serves 600,000 at an estimated price of $0.0995 rate per kWh. Commerce Energy Inc.  rates will continue be sent on the same electrical bill sent by the local distribution company.  As a part of the Just Energy Group, Commerce Energy Inc.  has the backing of the largest producer of competitive green energy. Through its green energy options, customers of Commerce Energy Inc.  can offset up to 100% of the negative results of their daily energy consumption as well as support local projects that utilize renewable energy.

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  1. A door-to-door salesman ftom Commerce Energy
    visited me today. I thought his rates seemed good,
    but he made some promises that were not in the
    contract. First of all, he said that I could cancel at
    any time, with no charges or penalty. Secondly, he
    said that the price he gave me was good for a year
    and that I could lock in that rate for the remainder of
    the five year contract if I called at the end of the first year
    To ask for a lock-in. That was aslo not in the written
    contract. I am interested in hearing if anyone has had
    experience with this company and if they are
    Thanks for your help.

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