Ambit Energy Maryland

Ambit Energy boasts as being the fastest growing private company in the United States for 2010 as according to Inc. magazine.  Established in 2006 as a response to the deregulation of energy throughout the United States, Ambit is a model of “today’s” utility retail supplier.  Starting out in an open spaced warehouse with $19 folding tables as desks (which are still used by every employee from the CEO down) Ambit is a “new school” energy retailer with the “old school” vision statement “To be the finest, most respected retail energy provider in America.”

Ambit has set a standard to offer the lowest rate beginning with a guaranteed 7% less than the incumbent utility company’s price the first two months and continues as it promises a 1% savings from the incumbent’s price after a year. If the customer does not save 1% compared to the incumbent’s rate then a refund is offered to much the difference. Ambit also provides many innovative incentives for its customer base. Ambit’s “Reward Program” offers three types of incentives to its customers:

  • A welcome gift of 3 nights/2 day stay at a 3 star hotel in 25 different destinations
  • A customer reference reward can be given if a customer holds at least 15 other referred customers with the reward being a credit equal to the average amount of their monthly payments. This offers the opportunity for free energy each month.
  • A travel reward system is also available to Ambit customers. For every kWh used by a customer, 1 vacation reward point is given which can be redeemed for an assortment of vacation packages starting at 2,000 points. Also, if a customer refers 5 new customers, a reward of any of their 45,000 point vacation packages is offered.

Ambit offers Green plans to all interested customers that are Green-e certified and uses 100% renewable energy as well as follows the stringent standards of the non-profit Center for Energy Resolutions.

Other recognizable traits of Ambit includes its continued pursuit of expansion as it offers work opportunities for marketing consultants and its outsourcing of customer service to BlueNet customer care centers which handle all aspects of the customer life cycle.

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