Erie PA electric provider with no deposit

Erie PA no credit check electric companyThe core desire for many when relocating into a new house is to have emergency money available to simply exist on for a few months.

Once you get settled into a new job in Erie PA and have lights on you can think about things like taking time to find just the right energy supplier, just the right restaurant to eat at and so on.

A large deposit is one of the biggest overwhelming problems when choosing an Erie PA electricity company.

The question posed to PA electricity companies is why do you ask for such large deposit in the $300 – $500 range?

The answer is that over 50% of people will default on at least one monthly electric bill while with a PA electric company within a certain credit score.

You may be one of the good energy customers but you have that unlucky credit score number.

The alternative is to choose a prepaid electricity supplier in Erie PA.

A prepaid company will not ask for a deposit but will deduct money from a prepay card in advance.

As you use electricity the cost is deducted from the card. The prepay option is not ideal but it will allow you to waive an electricity deposit.

If you want to compare some good Erie PA electricity companies please use our compare chart at the top right.


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