Penelec formerly Pennsylvania Electric Company

PenelecGPU Energy is the holding company for three electric utilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. One of these electric utilities goes by the name Penelec which was formerly called the more traditional name of Pennsylvania Electric Company.

Among GPU Energy’s electric utilities are:

  • Penelec also known as Pennsylvania Electric Company


  • Jersey Central Power and Light


  • Met-Ed also known as Metropolitan Edison

Even though Penelec is just an electric utility, owning and charging for the poles and wires and the transmission costs associated with this distribution, you can still buy retail electricity service through Penelec if you choose not to compare other electricity companies with them.

Penelec does not show any rate plans or electricity rates on their site in any obvious of manner. When searching for their retail electricity rate I did see something called the “price to compare”.

The retail rate showing at the time this article was written is 7.685 cents per kWh as of 3-29-2011. This rate includes the pole and wires charges and should be the total all-in bundled price. Seeing the electric rate with all charges helps in the comparison process as there is no need to calculate the pole charges and add them to it.

Our comparison chart will show competing energy providers in PA that offer varying rate plans to compare with this “price to compare“.

You will still get a charge on your electric bill from Penelec if you are in their service territory but they offer little in the form of varying rate plans to choose from when shopping as a residential electric service customer.

If you get on their website you will see that Penelec does not offer electricity rate plans to choose from or anything similar as you will see if you get on a retail electricity providers page. They do offer a description of what PA electric choice means and what options are available but as far as selling you service directly they do not go out of their way to do this.

There is a division of their company that does sell retail electricity service called First Energy Solutions and is owned by their parent holding company GPU Energywhich is owned by FirstEnergy Corp.

Penelec is the company you would call if you have an electricity outage in your home or business. For an electric outage in this utility area please call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)

If you are moving into your home or business for the first time Penelec can connect you and have your service turned on by your electric rate is a default rate.

To shop and compare electricity rates in the Penelec electric utility area you must compare among multiple retail electric providers in PA.

You can begin switching from your default electric rate with Penelec and to a competitive energy supplier in PA by using the compare chart at the to right.

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  1. Respond people kept knocking on my door and I was stupid enough to sign a contract. I have been with them for 5 months now. They said there would be two rebate checks during the year and I’ve yet to see one. I canceled with them but I could get billed for 60 days from them and this is how my billing went. BE AWARE IF YOU PLAN ON GOING WITH RESPOND POWER. I WISH I WAS !!! The first month the rate was COMMODITY CHARGE: Used 1,418.00 (KWH) rate X 0.0699 (charged $99.12. The second month COMMODITY CHARGE: used 1,429.00 (KWH) rate X 0.0954 (charged $136.37. The third month COMMODITY CHARGE: used 1,228.00 (KWH) rate X 0.1100 (charged $135.07. The fourth month COMMODITY CHARGE: used 1,298.00 (KWH) rate X 0.11689 charged $151.72. The fifth month COMMODITY CHARGE: used 1,954. (KWH)rate X 0.12999 charged $254.00. I cancelled and they tried to keep me with them and she seemed a bit upset. I still refused to stay with them and this is my current bill. COMMODITY CHARGE: used 1,801.00(KWH) rate X 0.25644 charged $461.85. I was charged over double the rate. WHY? I would find out but I was in line of 10 people waiting to be waited on. No one is answering their phones.

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