Energy Plus Electricity Rates

Energy Plus Electric RatesEnergy Plus is kind of an off the radar kind of electric company as they seem to do most of their promotions through partnerships with companies with large lists of customers in their database.

For instance the Upromise student loan program and the Best Buy Rewards Zone program have both partnered with Energy Plus to sell this retail electricity companies electric rates to their customers.

Energy Plus has both a variable electricity rate and a fixed rate. The Energy Plus electricity rates are advertised as being competitive and they explain that they strive to stay competitive against some of the other energy providers out in the market.

Energy Plus has been the brunt of a lot of criticism as of late as some of our sites have a few comments against them as it related to their experience on the variable electricity rate.

What I think is going on here is that the customers signing up choose the very low initial price on the variable electric rate and skip past where they disclose that the rate is subject to change in price.

After the first month many customers complained that their variable electricity rate went up in price on them and is now higher in price than their previous electricity company.

This confusion regarding a variable electricity rate is extremely common in the retail electricity market and is the number one reason people end up paying more for electricity service then they did prior to the market being deregulated.

Energy Plus electricity company from our perspective seems to be a good respectable electricity company but it could be they just need to make it a little clearer that a variable electric rate has no guarantee as to what the price will do on the 2nd month.

Customers who sign up with them seem to be under a completely different expectation similar to if they were on one of the fixed Energy Plus electricity rates that remains the same price the entire length of the agreement.

The solution to end your confusion regarding the Energy Plus electricity price is easy, choose a fixed electricity price with them rather than a variable price.

Variable electric rates are very unpredictable and offer no assurance as to what may happen from month to month. If you have ever been risk averse about things then never consider choosing a variable electricity rate with Energy Plus or any electric company.

There is nothing wrong with an Energy Plus variable energy rate but you need to set your expectations going into the rate plan that this price could go up on you. If you cannot grasp what exactly a variable changing energy priced plan is simply do not choose it and go with a fixed plan instead.

We do not offer Energy Plus electricity rates on this site but are simply explaining a current issue we see in the blogosphere regarding customer confusion over variable electric rates. We strongly urge you to compare fixed electricity rates to avoid the pitfalls inherent with a variable follow the market type of rate.

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  1. John, I understand your point. I have to take as unbiased look at this as I can but it does seem overwhelming based on all the customer complaints against this company that the intention is to raise the price after the initial month. I could be missing something here but I keep hearing the same story. I am sorry you got shafted with a high rate thinking it would be low like so many others thought just like you.

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